Buy 1 luxurious Mysterybox. Try it out or give away!

Buy one "The Mysterybox", April Edition.

  • The luxurious edition of Naturalbox "Easter Rabbit".
  • Would you like to experience a luxurious organic surprise? Now you can order "The Mysterybox" from Naturalbox.
  • You will receive secret full-sized organic products of snacks, health and beauty. Make your days luxurious!
  • All products are natural and organic.
  • Receive more products of a higher value than in the normal Naturalbox.
  • Surprise yourself or a dear friend.

Concerning the option without nuts Naturalbox can not guarantee to 100 % that the products may not contain traces of nuts. 

Surprise yourself or a dear friend with "The Mysterybox"


Mysterybox "Easter Rabbit" is shipped in April, w. 14.

Type: Mysterybox

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