This month's box - August Naturalbox "Saint-Tropez"

New Naturalbox summer issue "Saint-Tropez"
Enjoy the sun! 
August Naturalbox "Saint-Tropez" is inspired by the French summer in Saint-Tropez,
by K pour Karité - the French summer star, with its Eau Bronzante, Natural Sun Tanning Water.
Sure, we all want to sun-bath on the pleasant beaches enjoying the hot sun rays.
At the same time, we want to promote a healthy attitude to the sun.
Of course we sun bath sometimes but we would like to present to you an awesome organic tanning alternative
to easily get a lovely summer tan withut sun and that is Eau Bronzante from K pour Karité.
This is a completely safe organic, certified by ECOCERT, skincare product. We love the sun and sunlight
and solar energy is good for us since we are supplied in vitamin D which strengthens our bones and we are certainly more cheerful and energetic. At the same time, we should be careful with the sun because of the skin's premature aging
and that is caused in 90% by ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Natural Tanning Water is a Sunless Tanning Spray from K pour Karité which you can use to get
a nice summer coloron the skin, without being too long in the sun.
This product will bring a luster to yuor skin and suntan to lovely summer dresses. K pour Karité Natural Tanning Water contains natural ingredients, DHA-free formula for tan and aloe vera. 
As a lovely sun protection product, you also get HURRAW Lip Balm with sunscreen SPF 15.
HURRAW! Lip Balm contains certified organic ingredients and is RAW, ORGANIC & VEGAN.
HURRAW! Lip Balm is available in 22 different flavors and is one of our absolute favorites
because they are absolutely wonderfully designed and meet the highest quality standards
+ they are made ​​of premium organic ingredients.
HURRAW! Tangerine & Chamomile is extra creamy in its textureand contains
mandarin which provides a cooling effect while chamomile and cold pressed oils moisturize your lips.
Do not forget to protect your lips in the sun! Are you eager of HURRAW! lip balm? If so - you can buy it for example
at Naturkompaniet, health food stores and Urban Deli or online at 
Our theme in August, Saint-Tropez is so much about organic beauty and flair.
Therefore, you also receive soft and comfy organic cotton pads for cleansing, make-up removing or toning.
The organic cotton pads come from the à la eco, in Sweden. Did you know that conventional cotton
grown in the usual way is one of the most heavily sprayed crops? The thing is that pesticides used
in cotton fields kill around 20-40.000 people every year and poison nearly 3 million people every year! Obviously,
we choose to emphasize an ecological alternative to regular cotton. These cotton pads are excellent
for applying toner, make up removing and they are so soft... Incredible difference!
The big food trend in Europe before and during the summer to keep the line is to eat
plenty ofprotein and less carbohydrates under low carb approach or LCHF method.
We want to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to eat a lot of fruits
and berries during the season and of course eat lots of organic vegetables
whenever we can get fresh organic ingredients grown in Sweden during the summer.
In the August box you also get a lovely organic Soyabeans paste from the à la eco Fettuccine
from green soybeans. Fettuccini à la eco, is an organic bean paste rich in protein
hailed by vegan friends and fitness devotees as it is rich in protein and fiber,
gluten-free. Naturally, the organic and vegan! 
The surprise in August Naturalbox comes from our friends at Weleda,
who offer a small sample product that fits well to every summer trip bag or hand pouch.
Hope you enjoy the Swedish summer and the Swedish beaches! Remember the sun is our friend and give us
a lot of energy and vitamin D but let's sunbath with a common sense! 
"Make your life more fun and healthy!"

Have a lovely summer time!
Naturalbox Team