FAQ about Naturalbox.com

How does it work?

Naturalbox.com is Swedish online subscription service with full-sized natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products delivered to you every month with world-wide FREE SHIPMENT.  We are a green social business, which means we don't give dividend to our shareholders but instead invest all profit in the business and support education of young girls in the villages of Bangladesh by providing donations. We believe in inspiring to a green and organic lifestyle and instead of investing in traditional marketing and advertisement, we believe the money is of better use of by providing donations for education to young girls to be able to study at Nuhata Girls College. 

A. Naturalbox always provides full-sized products of snacks, health and beauty + samples of news. We are not a samples subscription, instead we focus on selecting high quality natural and organic full-sized brands from all over the world.

B. You can subscribe to our Naturalbox or just buy one single edition if you want to try it out or buy it for someone beloved. If you want to save some money you can choose to buy a 6 months or 12 months subscription up front. When you subscribe you can end the subscription at any time. 

C. We offer three box options: i) The Naturalbox ii) The Veganbox iii) The Mysterybox.

D. The Naturalbox, consists of natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products. You can choose an option with nuts or without nuts. The Naturalbox may contain products with gluten and we can't promise that the products are always 100 % vegan-friendly although we try.  

E. The Veganbox, always consists of 100 % vegan-friendly natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products. Unfortunately, you can't choose an option without nuts, since it is has great challenge to find vegan products without nuts. 

F. The Mysterbox, is a luxurious Naturalbox with natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products and consists of more products at a higher value than the regular Naturalbox. Additionally, we don't reveal what is inside the box in order to preserve the "surprise effect". By choosing the Mysterybox you will receive a more luxurious Naturalbox and at the top be surprised. An excellent gift for a beloved friend or for yourself.

G. Shipment. We provide world-wide FREE SHIPMENT. Naturalbox.com utilizes DHL and Fedex. The Naturalbox is shipped in the middle of the coming month. So, if you order the June edition it will be shipped in the middle of June. 

H. Payment. As a customer you can subscribe to our Naturalbox and you will be billed in middle of every month, we work with the Chargify recurring billing system. You can also choose to buy one single box or choose and option to buy 6 or 12 months up-front. We accept most of the credit cards and you can also use Paypal. The prices are in EUR.

I. Allergy towards nuts? We offer an option without nuts with Naturalbox and Mysterybox. Please, always read the product labels carefully if you are allergic. The producers and Naturalbox.com can never to 100 % guarantee that the products may not contain traces of nuts.

J. Is Naturalbox vegan-friendly? Naturalbox always attempts to select vegan-friendly products. However, if you want to be 100 % sure, please choose The Veganbox.

K. Other questions? Feel free to contact us at info@naturalbox.com or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.