About Us

Naturalbox.com "Make your days happy and healthy"

Naturalbox.com was founded in Sweden in the spring of 2013 and was the first online subscription service for natural and organic products in Sweden offering full-size products. Every month customers and fans have the possibility to become inspired and discover new organic and healthy products within snacks, health and beauty. Naturalbox.com offers full-sized products with high value as well as samples of new organic discoveries. There are three options: Naturalbox, Mysterybox or Veganbox.  Each month a new organic theme is launched and all the products are carefully selected in order to be harmonized with the theme's spirit.

The idea of Naturalbox.com became a reality when Alicja decided to go through with her vision to inspire to a more healthy and organic lifestyle by giving the possibility to fans to discover new natural and organic products within snacks, health and beauty. Alicja has earlier been working with organic beauty products and health products for over five years. She has a long experience and expertise in education of organic lifestyle and health. Later in the beginning of 2014 her friend Eva joined who is a vegan expert joined and developed Veganbox.se

On May 5 th 2014, Naturalbox.com opened its doors to all the countries with  FREE world-wide shipment. 

We welcome you to Naturalbox.com to become inspired by discovering natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products every month in order to make your daily decisions easier to become more eco-friendly and organic in your daily life! 

"Make your days happy and healthy"


Alicja & Eva


                   Alicja Chlebna and Eva Fluur Jonson