July 03, 2016

What's the hottest must-see place in Stockholm nowadays?

Definitely Garbo and Adams exhibited at Fotografiska Museum, by Stadsgårdshamnen 22 

Fotografiska is no ordinary museum. It is an international meeting place where everything revolves around photography. Located in the heart of Stockholm, the museum has an exhibition space of 2,500 square meters, and features 4 major exhibitions per year and approximately 15-20 minor exhibitions. I have dropped by Fotografiska during the weekend, on Saturday for brunch and also to check the latest exhibitions. I was positively surprised to see "The image of Garbo" - one of the most famous actress in the history and Bryan Adams photo exhibition - yes, that's right, the singer. 

Fotografiska is a must-visit place on the map of Stockholm by all the travellers and inhabitants, not only for the reason of exhibitions. The place is located by the water in the heart of the city, where many boats are passing by and where you can catch a boat for example to Finland from there, and where you can really enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Stockholm. On the other side of the water you can see the huge lunapark for children and adults where the adrenaline goes up only from watching it from a distance. The place is surrounded by several café bars outside the building where you can trickle a chilled lemonade in a shadow or a heat of the sun. On the level three, inside, there is a cozy café bar available only for visitors of exhibition where you can enjoy before or after your tour a tasty shrimp salad or a sandwich with the view of old town and the other part of Stockholm. 

Opening hours are very convenient, so much that you can still go there today on Sunday, and see the art until 1 o'clock at night. See the full opening hours here. The ticket for adult costs SEK120, and students SEK90.

The exhibition made a huge impact on me and whenever I am there, I feel like coming back again very soon. Many of you know from your younger years Byan Adams and his unbeatable song "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You", but not many of you knew that Bryan is also a great Hollywood-stars' photographer. His photos are absolutely stunning! Here's a sneak peek of his work. Look at a couple of pictures we took...

Photos: Naturalbox

Really impressing, right? But this is just an aperitif. The other ehxibition I really loved was "The image of Garbo" - showing the life and the career of Greta Garbo. I am a big fan of a good photography and always liked to photograph myself. Looking at Greta's face from different stages of her life was a big pleasure for my eyes.

Fotografiska isn’t just about photography. Photographs and exhibitions are the largest part of what they offer, but there are also photography courses, lectures and workshops for both beginners and professional photographers. At Fotografiska you can find a cafe, restaurant, well stocked store and gallery of photographs for sale. You can attend a concert or artist talks there, rent for an event or conference. "We have something for friends, businesses, associations, colleges, elementary schools, professionals and amateurs. Yes, we have something for everyone, the possibilities are endless" -  says Fotografiska. 

The best came at the end. After my galery tour I had a fantastic shrimp salad in the café bar with the most amazing view in Stockholm.

The view from the window of café. Always keeping my favourite lip balm with me.

Well, what do you think looking at the photos we took there? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. 



June 22, 2016

June box: Green Beauty

Be happy and beautiful! June is all about holiday. Summer is just about to begin, we all can feel the summer breeze and often dreaming about tropics, a trip to some unknown place and a total relax. This month’s box will let you chill out in a company of the best selected eco-friendly beauty products that will provide you a protection and comfort you need. Naturalbox promotes healthy organic products, without chemical ingredients and our star in June is Urtekram. You can’t move anywhere without a proper deo and a hand cream, right? We are receiving many questions from our Subscribers about good quality natural beauty products and here they are...

Urtekram DEO CRYSTAL Roll-On Aloe Vera is a must-have during any summer trip! You don’t want to sweat when it’s time for a party or a date, right? 

Urtekram HAND CREAM Aloe Vera. First impression is the last impression. My mother used to tell me that hands are a real ”hat trick” when you are meeting people. What means a hand shake with a rough and unpleasant hands? Make sure your hands stay smooth and everyone who meets you will want to shake your hand more than once.

Urtekram Aloe SOAP BAR. We think that natural beauty is the most tempting element in everyday life. You don’t need to exaggerate with a make up during the summer. Let the skin breath, make sure it is well cleaned and regenerated. Our green beauty kit from the June’s box of certified organic, vegan cosmetics will make you feel comfortable in any situation and will provide the best skincare solutions without any allergies or unwanted skin surprises.

Feeling satisfied? It’s just the beginning! 

Now you need to rest in a nice company of your family and friends. It’s fun time and crunch time! To make your time even more pleasant Naturalbox is serving you a perfect snack kit that you need to discover. 4 natural and organic snacks full of nutrients that will keep your body and mind focused and relaxed:

1) Planet Organic CHEEZY KALE POPCORN. Organic, gluten free, vegan and hand-popped popcorn, with coconut oil in artisan kettles and flavoured using real organic, only good ingredients. For all the football fans it will be a mega funt to crunch it.
2) Bear Apple YO-YO’s. Having sugar cravings? This funny yoyos contain just a pure fruit juice, with no added nonsense.
3) If you need a chocolate, try this new vegan rice drink based VIVANI CHOCOLATE and GREEN DREAM chocolate (you’ll get one of these two).. it’s really melting in your mouth…
4) RAW BITE vanilla & berries fruit and nut bar. Dates, almonds, cashews, cranberry, cherry, mulberry, raisins & vanilla. Only good stuff… Input = output. Your body will thank you!

Please let us spoil you during this summer break and let yourself feel good and just amazingly! We also hope that all the football fans will find what they need for the UEFA Euro 2016 games.

Have a fantastic and unforgettable Summer time!

The NaturalBox Team

May 15, 2016

Royal Green Breakfast - order the latest Naturalbox now!

This month our team Naturalbox will really spoil you. The reason is that our natural and organic company turns 3 years in June! Our team of experts has picked for you the most trendy products from the market. Our star of the month is the new breakfast range from Royal Green, from Netherlands. Naturalbox launched Royal Green in Sweden exactly one year ago - in May 2015 - with an odourless coconut cooking cream under the same brand. Do you remember the Naturalbox themed Cheeky Monkey? We bet you do..

In the May Naturalbox issue you will discover several new products both from Swedish and international brands, and among them:

  1. ROYAL GREEN rice & coconut drink (big size) 1 L (completely NEW) - for the most perfect breakfast ever!
  2. ROYAL GREEN organic cereals, coconut raisin granola 425g (NEW)
  3. PUKKA supreme matcha green tea 20 bags - to boost your focus and energy
  4. KUNG MARKATTA aronia superfruit 50g (NEW)
  5. RENÉE VOLTAIRE chia seeds150 g - for your smoothies and chia puddings
  6. RENÉE VOLTAIRE chocolate covered almonds with licorice 50g (NEW)
  7. HURRAW! raw, vegan, raw lip balm - a must wear this summer!

Come and join the celebration. Order the pre-anniversary May box here and discover the completely new exciting 100% natural, organic and even vegan alternatives among food and beauty. 

Naturalbox is a unique subscription solution delivering new organic food, lifestyle and skincare solutions every month to people's homes and offices across the globe. 

"Naturalbox. Discover the uniqueness you need in life."
Alicja, founder Naturalbox

May 08, 2016

Naturalbox at "Fitness Galan". Stockholm, May 7th

This is how I look when I feel happy...

Yesterday I visited couple of friends at Fitness Galan, checked up the latest trends and news on the supplements and nutrition shelf. Naturalbox was participating in the event as an exhibitor one year ago and this year we were just visitors. I found two interesting products but I wish there were more 100% natural stuff without any additives. Anyway, the day was inspiring and exciting. We were also cheering for our friend Tommy who was competing in classic body building. Look at the photo relation from the fair. 


Enjoy your Sunday!
Alicja /Naturalbox



April 30, 2016

What is crowdfunding and why we are doing this?

Our company is growing and we invite you to grow with us!

Naturalbox turns 3 years. On this occassion we have some exciting news to share with you! Our team is planning great things for the future and we would like to share them with you. Naturalbox & Ecoliving are preparing a production of our own branded natural and organic products including vegan alternatives. Apart from this we are creating an innovative formula of organic food line which we hope you will enjoy! During the next year our company will dynamically grow, develop our business and enlarge the team, plus offer our customers new interesting organic alternatives which they are going to love and a perfect customer service which will make them more than happy. We know from our subscribers that our organic box has made a big change in their lives. That's the best reward for us and a motivation for creating new healthy and exciting choices for a daily use. 

Photo: Anna Krasnodebska-Cickiewicz 

This is why we now are doing a crowdfunding at inviting our friends, suppliers and partners to join building the future with us. Last week we presented our company at an event in Stockholm and the interest for our company was huge. Arno one the co-founders of Fundedbyme himself has invested in our company which makes us really happy and proud!

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is democratizing the way of investing making it possible for everyone to be able to invest in early stage companies which previously was closed to mainly business angels and venture capital companies. Crowdfunding gives the opportunity to people to be part of a crowd and invest a smaller amount of money and become a shareholder of an interesting and exciting company they believe in. As a shareholder through crowdfunding you are able to be part and contribute with you engagement.

Photo: N.ON BACK

Our company is using the crowdfunding platform You are welcome to join our journey and visit the campaign, watch the film about our team and read more about our company “Naturalbox & Veganbox Ecoliving International AB” at Fundedbyme. 

We invite you to join hands with us and be part of our story!

February 16, 2016

Biofach - the largest organic fair in Europe

TO DO: Book the ticket for next year to Biofach! 

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January 22, 2016

Refreshing Office Smoothie

Make your favourite smoothie in the office. Don't forget to use the underestimated coriander that will give your coctails the taste you will never forget! 


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