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Coconut flour is perfect when you want to bake gluten-free and also if you want to add an extra nutty taste to your pasteries. Naturally Christmas is the best time for peaceful baking and our team Naturalbox would like to make your Christmas family holiday the cosiest and happiest time in the whole year! Therefore we've chosen this product both to Naturalbox and Veganbox. The flour comes from Sri Lanka and is produced by the remnants that are left after the coconut milk is extracted from the coconut. You can use it to bake cakes, cookies and to make other desserts such as pancakes, scones, waffles or fudges. It provides a nutty flavor, it is rich in fiber (29,5g per 100g of coconut flour), protein (18g protein per 100g of flour) and it contains no trans fats. You can be very creative in the kitchen! There are so many ways you can use the flour while baking. 

Renée Voltaire organic coconut flour Renée Voltaire organic coconut flourRenée Voltaire organic coconut flour now in NaturalboxRenée Voltaire coconut flour

Tip: if you bake with a coconut flour, remember that it absorbs approximately four times more liquid than an usual flour. It might be good to mix the coconut flour with a different type of flour in order to get more airy pastries. 

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Happy baking!