June box: Green Beauty

Be happy and beautiful! June is all about holiday. Summer is just about to begin, we all can feel the summer breeze and often dreaming about tropics, a trip to some unknown place and a total relax. This month’s box will let you chill out in a company of the best selected eco-friendly beauty products that will provide you a protection and comfort you need. Naturalbox promotes healthy organic products, without chemical ingredients and our star in June is Urtekram. You can’t move anywhere without a proper deo and a hand cream, right? We are receiving many questions from our Subscribers about good quality natural beauty products and here they are...

Urtekram DEO CRYSTAL Roll-On Aloe Vera is a must-have during any summer trip! You don’t want to sweat when it’s time for a party or a date, right? 

Urtekram HAND CREAM Aloe Vera. First impression is the last impression. My mother used to tell me that hands are a real ”hat trick” when you are meeting people. What means a hand shake with a rough and unpleasant hands? Make sure your hands stay smooth and everyone who meets you will want to shake your hand more than once.

Urtekram Aloe SOAP BAR. We think that natural beauty is the most tempting element in everyday life. You don’t need to exaggerate with a make up during the summer. Let the skin breath, make sure it is well cleaned and regenerated. Our green beauty kit from the June’s box of certified organic, vegan cosmetics will make you feel comfortable in any situation and will provide the best skincare solutions without any allergies or unwanted skin surprises.

Feeling satisfied? It’s just the beginning! 

Now you need to rest in a nice company of your family and friends. It’s fun time and crunch time! To make your time even more pleasant Naturalbox is serving you a perfect snack kit that you need to discover. 4 natural and organic snacks full of nutrients that will keep your body and mind focused and relaxed:

1) Planet Organic CHEEZY KALE POPCORN. Organic, gluten free, vegan and hand-popped popcorn, with coconut oil in artisan kettles and flavoured using real organic, only good ingredients. For all the football fans it will be a mega funt to crunch it.
2) Bear Apple YO-YO’s. Having sugar cravings? This funny yoyos contain just a pure fruit juice, with no added nonsense.
3) If you need a chocolate, try this new vegan rice drink based VIVANI CHOCOLATE and GREEN DREAM chocolate (you’ll get one of these two).. it’s really melting in your mouth…
4) RAW BITE vanilla & berries fruit and nut bar. Dates, almonds, cashews, cranberry, cherry, mulberry, raisins & vanilla. Only good stuff… Input = output. Your body will thank you!

Please let us spoil you during this summer break and let yourself feel good and just amazingly! We also hope that all the football fans will find what they need for the UEFA Euro 2016 games.

Have a fantastic and unforgettable Summer time!

The NaturalBox Team