Biofach - the largest organic fair in Europe

How lucky can you be, if you have the chance to visit the largest Europe organic food and cosmetics fair in Nuremberg, in Germany? I can tell you - those of you who have ever been thinking of going there, but never managed, do not wait any longer and plan this trip. You will be positively surprised. Next year this is a place number 1 to be in! 

Although I had to wake up at 6 am, and travel 1h with a train to Arlanda, our trip on the board or Lufthansa has started in a very positive atmosphere. 

We landed in Munich early afternoon and when we reached Nuremberg it was almost 9 pm. Quite a long trip from Sweden but, from the time perspective, it was worth it. On the next day 10 o'clock sharp we were ready to hit the fair. 

The space was huge - 9 big halls totally, and that amazing atmosphere all over around has accompanied this event. I would like to share at least a part of my experience with you guys. New exciting products, exotic raw materials, fantastic people. Look at photosfrom the event. 

Wow! What a memories.... 
Peace & love