Naturalbox chooses the Best Detox products for 2016

New Year means new a start to me. I promised myself to train regularly and eat even more healthy. Eat more rawfood, more veggies and save all my superfoods recipes for those who are looking for daily inspirations and of course for our new fans who are joining us every day. Thank you so much for 2015. Without you we would not be what we are now and we are excited about what the new year will bring us. For the fresh start I have created a totally raw, gluten-free and no added sugar box. After all, we hope we have spoiled you during the Christmas, so now it’s time to watch our calories. I have been following trends in all over the world and I want to give you all the best from nature. Grönkål, vetegräs, ingefära, matcha te och alla möjliga gröna smoothies will become your friends from now on. 


We are happy to welcome GURU HAPPY superfoods drink in our big Naturalbox family. It’s a wonderful mixture of organic wheat grass, pear and ginger and once you tried it, you will not let it go!

Green Ball Jar – which will be wonderful to make your detoxifying smoothies and salads in.

Smoothie straw – it’s a paper & vegan dyed straw. Completely safe for the enviroment.

Organic Ginger. Perfect addition to your smoothies. It helps to detox your body and it gives that pleasant inviting spicy flavour on your tongue. Easy to use everywhere, just keep it always in your bag and add to food.

One Coconut water contains 33% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Potassium. Full of electrolytes essential for your well-being. A must-have in your smoothies.

Inspiral Foods – kale chips with, again – wheat grass and a pinch of wasabi. Organic, vegan, gluten-free.

GO RAW – first freshly launched natural rawfood and natural bar from Nutramino. I’m proud to welcome Nutramino in our Naturalbox family. So happy to see a switch to a natural & raw path in energy bars business.
Go Raw Coconut – delicious mixture of coconut, dates and pumpkin. This bar is amazing!

Detox/Digest/White tea from The London Tea Company. Premium tea to fix your stomach every evening.

Hungry? These cranberries and cherries with nuts and seeds will help you to survive the day. Source of biotin & vit. E. Keep your Acti-Snack always in your back jean pocket.