New Raw Foof & Vegan Restaurant Sally Voltaire & Sisters

Today, on Saturday, February 28th, Sally Voltaire & Sisters opened a new restaurant, cafe and shop in Åhléns City Stockholm.

Naturalbox met Sally Voltaire in November 2014 in her another vegan restaurant located in PUB, in Stockholm, when she told us about the opening of something new in 2015. It was very inspiring to listen to Sally's plans of publishing her book and see her passion for work with healthy vegan food.

Today, we are very excited to see the openning of the new restaurant of the Sisters Voltaire in Åhléns City Stockholm, the place which hundreds thousand people are visiting every week. We are a real rawfood lovers and for that reason we were so happy to try such kind of food that the restaurant serves. Things we experienced today at "Sally's Voltaire & Systrar" have exceeded our expectations. Hundreds smiling people sitting and chating pleasantly by the tables, many of them waiting in the qeue for the food to get ready and that joyful noice coming from inside... All that made us feel really happy!

Sally has undoubtely the passion for making vegan food and interior design which you can notice directly. The place has a touch of an artist's soul, a great taste is visible everywhere around. The photo of Sally with her child, makes you feel like at Voltaire's home. The shopping part is quite small but very interesting. Every healthy food- and eco lover will hunt something nice to her & his home. 

Menu of the restaurant features vegan salads, fish, seafood, fresh pressed juices, rawfood, organic wine and bear. Everyone will find something good for theirself. People seem to be happy to be hear and satisfied with food and the atmosphere inside of this magic place. The restaurant that was made on the top European level will meet the needs of every healthy food enthusiast.

Alicja Chlebna, CEO & founder of Naturalbox, has met Iris Voltaire - one of the Sisters Voltaire. They talked a lot about natural products and healthy lifestyle since they share the same passion for it. 

Great People, splendid atmosphere - one of our new favorite places on the map od Sweden. Naturalbox highly recommends you to visit Sally Voltaire & Systrar, at Åhléns City Stockholm, level 2. Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10-21. Saturday: 10-19. Sunday: 11-19. More information you can find at Sally Voltaire & Systrar!

Photo: Iris Voltaire (right) and Alicja Chlebna from Naturalbox (left).