Exclusive Interview for Naturalbox with Anja Forsnor

Just after the New Year I had the pleasure to talk to Anja Forsnor, the lifestyle advisor, health motivator and the blogger at Elle.se. She has inspired me so much that I have decided to share with you a piece of our talk... I hope you get inspired like me!

Photo credit: Beata Holmgren

Alicja: Hi Anja! I am very happy to have this exclusive interview with you. You are a Lifestyle Advisor and a health motivator, and you blog for Elle as well. You must be a very busy person! What is your motivation to live the healthy life you live?

Anja: Hi Alicja. It's great we can talk for a while. I want to give myself and my body the best conditions every day. I believe in eating what is best for your body with food that keeps me alert, happy and strong. The best thing about making healthy choices is that you feel immediate reward and your body will thank you.


Photo: Anja Forsnor

Alicja: I have a feeling that your work is also your passion and I think one must be very lucky to combine passion with work together. What makes Anja happy in life? :)

Anja: I get happy from small things in everyday life like a really good breakfast, but also from travelling and make plans for the future. I love to travel and discover new places and if I had had the opportunity I had traveled even more.


Alicja: What was your favorite Christmas dish in 2014?

Anja: The best part of Christmas is all chocolate and and I love to bake raw candy. This year I also made a spiced christmasbread with nuts and dried fruit, which was a success. And also my mom Jansson's frestelse, I would not do without.


Alicja: How do you keep the form during the X’mas & the New Year’s time?

Anja: I prefer to workout as usual even during the holidays. Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, but I often find the time for a run or a visit to the gym, preferably together with the family. Then I think it's important to enjoy all the goodness around the holidays and I do that in good conscience. It's not what you do between Christmas and New Year that makes a difference but what you do between New Year and Christmas.


Photo: Anja Forsnor

Alicja: That is so true! It's gonna be my motto from now on. Which three of your recipes from 2014 are your favorite ones?

Anja: Sahimisalad with avocado and pickled onion is the most luxurious fast food when time is short, just as good as an appetizer or for dinner. My carrot and almond bread is a real favorite and I love the recipe for hamburger bread that I baked many times over this years.





Alicja: Wow. Your hamburger bread looks really amazing. I am very curious about the carrot bread as well.. Need to try these recipes soon. Now I want to ask you about something very private - what is your goal for 2015?

Anja: I have many goals for this year and have a feeling that 2015 will be a really good year. I want to make a long trip to the US, to practice more yoga and have more time with my friends and family. Then I dream of publishing a cookbook and the goal is to make a plan for the year.


Alicja: If you could give one the most important life advice to Naturalbox fans. What it would be?

Anja: Find your routines and find out what works for you. We are all individual and different things will make us feel good, both when it comes to lifestyle, food and exercise. Do not place too high demands on yourself, and do more of the things that make you feel the best. Do not let your choices based on what other people think, it is never sustainable in the long run.


Alicja: What do you think about Naturalbox, as the healthy monthly subscription box with organic and rawfood snacks and natural beauty skincare products? Do you think people can find some inspiration in it for more healthy lifestyle?

Anja: I love the idea of Naturalbox and I think it’s so fun to discover new products constantly, perfect for me who loves both beauty and health. And who does not like new products? I am proud to be an ambassador for Naturalbox and I always look forward to my box each month.


Alicja: I am happy to hear that! It's good to know that you like our Naturalbox concept and I am so proud to have you as our ambassador. I hope Naturalbox will bring you a lot of joy every month and every single day.

Photo credit: Beata Holmgren

Alicja: Anja, thank you very much for your time and sharing your goals, life plans and dreams with us. I am sure that many people will find lots of health inspiration and positive energy here. It was a real pleasure to meet you! Naturalbox wishes you a very Happy & successful 2015 and I hope to see you soon.

 Anja: Thank you Alicja. It was the pleasure. I wish all the Naturalbox fans a happy and productive year!