Naturalbox November "Fitness Revolution"

Finally, we have launched the November edition of Naturalbox. Guess what? This edition is a special edition and we wish to inspire everyone to "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!". We hope you want to join us in this revolution and inspire others! During October and November we are promoting our Naturalbox Challenge on Instagram #naturalboxchallenge where were we urge everyone to choose organic by inspiring people to skip and upload their photos or video on Instagram #naturalboxchallenge and writing "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!".

Since our theme for November is "Fitness Revolution" you will be given a colourful skipping rope made from textile. So, we hope it will become useful for you. We really look forward to seeing you photos and videos on Instagram #naturalboxchallenge and that you encourage other friends to join our healthy revolution. Don't forget to write "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!" and tag your friends whom you want to join the revolution. There will be plenty of awards for the best Instagram feeds, photos and videos!

As a healthy and inspiring breakfast for great start of your day we have chosen "Crunchy Granola Raspberry, Blueberry & Pumpkinseeds"  500 g, from Renée Voltaire who is a Swedish health enthusiast. It's delicous and just marvelous with crunchy oat flakes. "Makes you think of sunshine and love". You'll will love it!

To give you a good kick-start of the day you are given a natural vitamin boost and energy shoot from RuckPack with the flavour of Blood Orange. 60 ml. It's caffeine-free and without taurin. It's a great power-packed vitamin & energy shot with Vitamins B6, B12 and D3. It also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and pottasium. It also provides you with amino acids, MSM and electrolytes. It's all about attitude, sharp cognitive skills and a responsive immune system. 

As an energy booster during the day you'll be able to try out the new flavour Golden Cashew from Raw Revolution. Raw Revolution is a certified organic rawfood bar of great taste! Naturally, it's RAW, ORGANIC & VEGAN. Made in the USA.

So, what is the beauty product in the November edition of Naturalbox? Well, it's a great Shower Gel from Nonique, Vital Shower Gel, 200 ml. It's a refreshining shower gel that nourishes your skin and gives your skin vitality! It contains organic noni fruit, organic aloe vera, organic orange oil and organic kiwi. It's awesome and also vegan friendly!

We are thrilled and look forward to be shipping our your Naturalbox "Fitness Revolution" to you! As well as anticipating your engagement in joining our revolution and spreading "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!" by participating in our Instagram Challenge #naturalboxchallengewhere you upload your photos of vidoes of skipping with your rope. Please don't forget to write "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!" and #naturalboxchallenge and also tag friends you want to see joining our movement! Let's join together and inspire more people to choose an organic lifestyle!

Happy Skipping!
"Make your days happy and healthy!"
Best Wishes, Alicja. Founder of