Naturalbox October "RAW Autumn Boost"

The October edition of Naturalbox goes under the theme "RAW Autumn Boost". We welcome and embrace the autumn  with our open arms and look forward to cozy and beautiful autumn days. We hope to give you some inspiration and enjoyment during the autumn. In "RAW Autumn Boost" we would like to highlight rawfood and we will also share some great rawfood recipes with you in our newsletters to all our members.

Earlier you have been given samples of the Australian organic skincare brand Gaia Skincare in the July edition. Now we have a surprise for you! In the October edition "RAW Autumn Boost" you are given a fullsize Facial Moisturiser from Gaia Skincare that nourishes your skin. it is suitable for all skin types. It contains all organic ingredients such as jojoba oil that provides the skin with vitality through Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Gaia Skincare is a great organic skincare brand from Australia! We hope you will enjoy it!

During the autumn days it is important to start the day with a nice breakfast isn't? Well, we have something for you! We give you a raw and organic porridge from Renée Voltaire that is made with love and song! It's a great organic and raw porridge that you also can have on the go! it contains buckwheat, apple, almond, cinnamon and goji berries. All you need to do is to add some water or milk and mix it up. We suggest that you for example use almond milk for the best taste and experience!

In the theme RAW, you will be able to taste the well known New York brand Raw Revolution, which is the #1 selling certified organic rawfood bar in the USA. Raw Revolution can be found in  in all the cool and organic stores in New York and naturally at Whole Foods. Raw Revolution was founded by the nurse Alice Benedetto in her kitchen in New York when she was trying to make  healthy snacks for her kids. 

As a surprise you will also be given a Lip Balm, Orange Kiss from Gorilla and Friends. It contains a great mix of shea butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and orange oil.

With "RAW Autumn Boost" you will also receives samples of a wonderful tea from The London Tea Company which suits perfectly for cozy afternoons. Don't miss out on our rawfood recipes which will be sent out in our newsletter!

We hope you will enjoy your autumn days together with us at