September Naturalbox "Summer Chillout"

New September issue of Naturalbox "Summer Chillout" is about coming back from your holiday in a positive mood and feeling happy. The products our team Naturalbox have picked to this Naturalbox edition are following:

Phenomé OIL -CONTROL mattifying cream (50 ml)

Renée Voltaire Crispy Cassava organic Chips.

K POUR KARITÉ France - Absolut Nectar - organic Body and Hair Oil - mix of 9 essential oils (50 ml).

RENÉE VOLTAIRE Himalayan Crystal Salt - 100 % sea salt.

RENÉE VOLTAIRE Crispy Cassava - organic sea salt chips (70 g)

NEW TREE  a organic dark chocolate bar with quinoa flax (30 g).

A perfect set for september evenings spent with your family and friends. We hope you will enjoy your new Naturalbox!