NATURALBOX August "Saint-Tropez"

The August edition from is inspired by the French summer in Saint Tropez, with the Eau Bronzante from K pour Karité as the star product of this months edition in The Eau Bronzante from K pour Karité is Natural Tanning water. We all want to sunbath and enjoy the beautiful summer beaches, but at the same time we need a healthy approach to the sun and avoid becoming burned by the sun. Therefore, we highlight the Eau Bronzante, which is a French organic Tanning Water certified by ECOCERT. We all love the sun and the energi it gives us by providing us with vitamin D that enriched our body. However, we need to be aware that the ultraviolet rays contribute to hour skin's maturity. The Natural Tanning Water from K pour Karité can be used to attain a beatiful summer colour and it's all organic, DHA-free for instant tanning. It is composed of 20 % Aloe Vera for a smoothier and softer skin and enriched with shea butter and comes all off in the shower.

As a splendid summer product for the lips you are given a HURRAW Lip Balm with sun protection SPF 15, that gives your lips the extra protection they need. It is silky smooth and glides on the lips and is formulated to be extra thick and creamy in order to attain a longer lasting power while enjoying the sun. It has marvellous ingredients such as Juicy Tangeringe, Roman Chamomille and a hint of Vanilla that makes it nourishing adn calming for your lips.

Our theme for the August edition is mainly about organic beauty and flair. Hence, we give you soft and organic cotton pads to remove your make up from the Swedish company à la eco. Did you know that conventional cotton that is cultivated in the traditional way uses more insecticides than any other single crop? The thing is that all the pesticides used to grow cotton causes  the death of nearly 40 000 people each year and poisons almost 3 million people every each year! Naturally, this is one of the main reason that we choose to highlight organic cotton pads as a better alternative to ordinary cotton. These cotton pads given to you from à la eco can be used to remove make up and to apply facial toner.

The great food trend in Europe these days and especially during the summer is the low carb diet. It is used by all healthy and fitness lovers to get in shape and stay in shape by cutting down on the carbs and instead eating more proteins and veggies. Obviously, we would like to encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables during the summer with all the great fruits and veggies being offered during the summer time. In the August edition of the Naturalbox you are given an organic pasta made from green beans Fettuccine that rich in proteins and has been cheerished by vegan- and fitness lovers since it is organic, gluten free and rich in fiber. You will find a great recipe for a vegetarian pasta with zucchini and mushrooms on our blog and in our newsletter.

The surprise in this edition comes from Weleda that gives you a summer gift that is well suited for summer days. We hope that you will enjoy the summer days. Don't forget that the sun is great friend our ours that gives us energy and D- vitamin but please use your common sense while sun bathing!

 Have a lovely summer!

Naturalbox Team