We love LoveRaw from EatLoveRaw

Summer has come to Sweden and yesterday we celebrated midsummer which is a really important event for us in Scandinavia and we had a big festivity! Now finally, we can embrace the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather, great Swedish locally produced organic food and swims in our beautiful lakes up here in the North. Our latest Naturalbox July, goes under the theme "London Lifestyle", which is all about Green Urban Living, which is about having being happy, living healthy and opening up to an organic lifestyle. Organic lifestyle and especially rawfood & superfood has become a major trend in most cities. In London the rawfood trend has become really, really trendy!

 In the July edition of Naturalbox we are giving you the opportunity to become acquainted with LoveRaw from London. The company was founded by Rimi inspired with rawfood recipies from Andalucia. Rimi started EatLoveRaw with a dream of an organic lifestyle with rawfood and superfood. LoveRaw is marvelous rawfood energy bar with an amazing taste and splending artistic design. LoveRaw is 100 % organic, raw, vegan and gluten free. You will fall in love with LoveRaw! The energybars are just awesome and we really hope that you will love them as much as we do!