Naturalbox July edition "London Lifestyle" Green Urban Living


Summer has come to Sweden and we have sunshine all day long! We have all been waiting for this in up in Scandinavia and now during summer we all get extra energy and happiness. For the last days we have been so busy launching our new edition of Naturalbox "London Lifestyle" Green Urban Living. The theme for "London Lifestyle" is inspired from London that has positioned itself as city advocating green urban living which is seen in all corners of almost all streets. Organic coffe houses, lounges, restaurants and organic food shops. Usually, big cities are associated with a high pulse and lots of stress. However, in London we have seen the growth of a green urban lifestyle that is all about going green, organic and spending more time and investing in a happy lifestyle. The growth of this urban green lifestyle has specifically been seen in London with organic food stores popping up everywhere and coffe shops serving organic smoothies, juices and rawfood. 

 In Naturalbox July "London Lifestyle" we highlight The London Tea Company with a delcious white tea "White Tea, Pear Tatin", which is awesome and so delicious! The tea from The London Tea Company is notorious all around the world as a good quality organic tea, and they are well known for their quality, taste and design. The "White Tea, Peat Tatin" is one of our absolute favourites!

 Furthermore, we are highlightening a London star which are the rawfood bars from LoveRaw made by EatLoveRaw. The founder Rimi, was inspired by rawfood recipies from Andalucia and she hade dream about a healty lifestyle advocating organic rawfood and superfood. We can see that LoveRaw is made with passion and dedication for taste, quality and design. We are really happy to have LoveRaw in the "London Lifestyle" July edition of Naturalbox.The LoveRaw bars are all organic, raw, vegan and gluten free and we are rather sure that you will fall in love with LoveRaw.

 As for the beauty products in this edition we have chosen Di Tchón. Veronica Campbell founded Di Tchón in 2006 after she was forced to do an abortion due to  birth defects. This sad incident made Veronica rethink her use of tradtional cosmetics and instead decided to create her own organic skincare line without any harmful chemicals. In this edition you will become aquainted with her Cleansing MIlk and Face Cream. We are really excited to have Di Tchón in the July edition and we are really hopeful that you will enjoy Di Tchón, which is a brand made with love and passion for organic quality.

 As a healthy protein snack you also get a Proteinbar with 16,3 gram Protein with the flavour of Apple & Peanut that also contains omega3 and probiotics. The Proteinbar comes from EcoProtein, our neighbours in Copenhagen, where the urban green living as well as in London has become a mega trendy lifestyle.

 As summer is here, we thought you will need a fresh and vitalising lip balm. So, you will find a Lip Balm från NakedLips with the flavour of peppermint. NakedLips was founded by two Swedish brothers that had a dream to make a lip balm for the conscious users. Good organic ingredients was a priority from the very first day and contains regenerating organic fruit and plant oils. The concept behind NakedLips is to create as pure products as possible so that they are even eatable. 

 As a last star of the July edition of Naturalbox, we have choosen to have a product from the Swedish organic star Renée Voltaire, who is an icon in Sweden when it comes to organic and rawfood lifestyle. She has written several books on the topic and is an ambassador and spokesperson for an organic lifestyle. Therefore, we choose a great products from her which is Goji Berries Chocolate.

 We truly hope you will enjoy the Naturalbox July edition "London Lifestyle" which is all about a green urban living. The Naturalbox will be shipped to you in the middle of July.

 Best whishes,