The first Naturalbox to the world

We are only a few hours away from launching the Swedish to the world. So what is on our mind? A lot of things :-) Our mission of is to inspire to a more organic, healthy and happy living! We are offer three kinds of boxes:
  • Our beloved Naturalbox inspired with by the theme "Become Organic". You will find a limited edition from MÁDARA Cosmetics "Nothern Herbarium" that contains a purifying foam, a deep moisture fluid and a regenerating night cream. These three products are the most-loved beauty products from MÁDARA Cosmetics. You will also find an organic birch tree juice from Sealand Birk and a wonderful Superbar. We will write more about the products in detail on the blog. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information.
  • The Veganbox. Naturally, we have an option of Naturalbox that is 100 % vegan. In the first edition you will find a beautiful Body & Hair Travel Kit from the Swedish Salviderm Naturligtvis, containing shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion and hand cream. Apart from that you will find a bamboo toothbrush from Humble Brush and a HURRAW Pitta Lip Balm. As for the snacks and health, you will find plenty of fruitbars and energybars that are raw, organic and vegan. One of our favourites is the organic cononut water from CocoAkvo. Not to forget to mention is the fantastic organic tea from the London Tea Company.
  • The Mysterybox. Well, of course organic snacks, health and beauty can be associated with luxurious products, right? For those who want to be surprised and receive a luxurious Naturalbox with high-end brands we have the option of The Mysterybox. 

All our boxes from Naturalbox can be subscribed to, or bought as a single product. For those who want to save some money and make a good deal there is a possibility to buy 6 months or 12 months up-front and attain a really favourable price. As for those who worry about allergies concerning nuts we have an option without nuts for the Naturalbox and Mysterybox. It is rather difficult, to design a Veganbox with snacks wihout products containing nuts.


We look forward to hearing more you on our social media channels! 


"Make your days happy & healthy"






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