opening the doors to the world!

We are finally in the last days of putting all pieces together of the design, platform and technique in order to in a few days launch to the world. We have been in business for almost a year now, offering to only Swedish customers. Now it is time to open the doors to the world in order to inspire to an organic and natural lifestyle. We have been reached out to in social media from fans all over the world asking for the possibility to buy subscribe to our Naturalbox. The news from our side is that customers will be able to choose what is the suitable option. Either you can subscribe to your Naturalbox or simple buy one edition at a time. If you want to save some money and make a good deal there is a possibility to buy a 6 months or 12 months subscription upfront. We are offering the different types of Naturalbox:


  • The regular Naturalbox, with natural and organic full-sized snacks, health and beauty products. 
  • The Veganbox, with 100 % vegan-friendly natural and organic full-sized snacks, health and beauty products.
  • The Mysterybox, a luxurious Naturalbox with full-sized natural and organic snacks, health and beauty products. We don't reveal what is inside, in order to surprise you!

We are launching in a few days, and the June edition of Naturalbox will be possible to buy during whole May. On May 5 th we launch the Naturalbox June edition to the world.


See you soon!

"Make your days happy and healthy!"



Alicja, CEO & Co-founder