What is crowdfunding and why we are doing this?

Our company is growing and we invite you to grow with us!

Naturalbox turns 3 years. On this occassion we have some exciting news to share with you! Our team is planning great things for the future and we would like to share them with you. Naturalbox & Ecoliving are preparing a production of our own branded natural and organic products including vegan alternatives. Apart from this we are creating an innovative formula of organic food line which we hope you will enjoy! During the next year our company will dynamically grow, develop our business and enlarge the team, plus offer our customers new interesting organic alternatives which they are going to love and a perfect customer service which will make them more than happy. We know from our subscribers that our organic box has made a big change in their lives. That's the best reward for us and a motivation for creating new healthy and exciting choices for a daily use. 

Photo: Anna Krasnodebska-Cickiewicz 

This is why we now are doing a crowdfunding at Fundedbyme.com inviting our friends, suppliers and partners to join building the future with us. Last week we presented our company at an event in Stockholm and the interest for our company was huge. Arno one the co-founders of Fundedbyme himself has invested in our company which makes us really happy and proud!

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is democratizing the way of investing making it possible for everyone to be able to invest in early stage companies which previously was closed to mainly business angels and venture capital companies. Crowdfunding gives the opportunity to people to be part of a crowd and invest a smaller amount of money and become a shareholder of an interesting and exciting company they believe in. As a shareholder through crowdfunding you are able to be part and contribute with you engagement.

Photo: N.ON BACK

Our company is using the crowdfunding platform Fundedbyme.com You are welcome to join our journey and visit the campaign, watch the film about our team and read more about our company “Naturalbox & Veganbox Ecoliving International AB” at Fundedbyme. 

We invite you to join hands with us and be part of our story!